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Low Tide 2 - detail

Low Tide 1- detail



Low Tide 1 & 2

Purple and Red-purple

12" X 12"

October 2020


Statement: One is never too old to walk barefoot along the shore through tidal pools. It's a world of wondrous delights.

Created for the FAN Exhibit Chromatopia where every artist was given two paint swatches based on two different colours. Two pieces were to be created, each monochromatic but thematically the same.

Each piece was created so that when hung either way would create a continuous design (see images below).

Materials: Hand dyed cotton, cheesecloth and threads, polyester, various yarns, trims and beads.

Techniques: Hand appliqued, texture magic, machine and hand quilted, hand embroidery, couching.


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