Window Panes

17” X 28.5”


Statement: Windows give a variety of views for those inside and peeks or glimpses to those outside. Both perspectives spark curiousity and sometimes can invoke a sense of wonder.

Materials/Techniques: Hand and ice dyed fabrics, machine pieced and quilted.

Process: Sometimes I just love to sew and cut, rearrange and repeat. It takes me back to the basics and is very meditative. This was a challenge in my little group to use our hand dyed fabric and was influenced by Elizabeth Barton’s work. For each “window” fabric I decided to make a block in a small, medium and large scale, planning to use them in a nine patch setting. As I worked, I put them up randomly on my design wall. But at some point the nine patch was scrapped as I liked the arrangement they happened to form on the design wall. Now the hardest part was to choose the shape and colour of the setting strips. This is one of my favorite pieces and it’s interesting because it is effective in any orientation.

CQA/ACC NJS 2015 3rd place for Excellence for Original Design Abstract Pictorial Wall Quilt

Accepted into LaConnor Quilt and Fiber Art Festival 2015


Windowpanes - stitching detail

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