Remembering Our Stories

18” X 36”


Statement: I’m fascinated by the textures created by layers of different surface design and embellishment techniques. As I worked with Chandra’s poem I was drawn to how the layers were reflected by the many aspects that were involved in the relationship she depicted in her poem. As you bare your soul, more layers are revealed, creating a richness in the encounter and the relationship.

Materials/Techniques: fused collage, machine quilted, crocheting, tatting, stamping, stencilling, couching (lace, trim, sari silk) and machine applique (selvages, tulle, cheesecloth, gold webbing).


“Remembering our Stories” was made for the travelling  FAN exhibit “Ekphrastic” in which art work was created in response to a poem. I responded to “Poem on the Poem on the Stairs “ by Chandra Mayer.

Remembering Our Stories - detail

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