Fireweed 3 napkin web
Fireweed 3 napkin detail 2 web

Fireweed #3 - detail

Fireweed #3

12" X 16"

January 2023


The emergence of the beautiful fireweed after a fire can give us hope for a new more conscious way of being in this world.

Ripping and tearing a variety of napkins as I collaged them onto fabric was a very exciting endeavour. The stitched fireweed on a scrap of drapery fabric helps remind us that beauty can be created without spending money.


Materials: Napkins collaged onto a muslin base, GAC 900, drapery fabric, wool batt


Techniques:Torn paper collage using GAC 900 as an adhesive, freehand stitching on drapery fabric, applique, machine quilted

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